Monday, January 27, 2014

Our New Cheetah Chair

 The Cheetah Chair is our new
addition to our 

Here is our finished chair,
the following pictures are the process by 
which we re did this chair.
It originally bought it at a second hand store for $25.

We then found our fabric in a wonderful, I think, one of the best
home fabric stores ever, in Mesa, Arizona.  I think it was about $20
a yard, and we used about 2 1/2 yards for this chair.

 Original Chair

We took every thing off the chair, and brought it down to the
raw, some things needed to be glued and fixed,
but Dana did this.
I took us about 2 - 3 hours working together
to get all the staples, tacks, and fabric off the chair.

I then painted the chair.
First, I spray painted  the chair with a wonderful metallic gold paint.
Then, the next day I painted all the parts of the chair I wanted
black, with black paint and a foam brush.
I just used a small bottle of paint from Lowes,
Satin finish, some places I had to used a very small brush
so that the details of the roses and leaves on the 
chair would stand out.

We then started
(this was many months later, as the chair
sat in our bedroom looking like this for quite a while)
to add the parts back to the chair.

To put the chair completely together it took us about 3 hours.
I used the original fabric pieces that came off the chair
to be the pattern for the new fabric.

This was amazing, and I was wondering if instead of using large brass
tacks to hold the fabric down, could we just use the staple gun?
I cut the fabric for the back of the chair, and then
made piping to go around the edge of the fabric
so that we could staple in between the fabric piping.

This did work, but with the silver staples they showed brightly,
We then used a permanent felt pen to color the staples.
Then when we stapled everything on.

I love it when Dana and I work together to get a project done.
He is such a smart man, and we have been able to make some of the
most wonderful and beautiful things together.
Admittedly, I think up all this stuff,
but as I explain my ideas to him, he is able to 
figure out how to make the project work, and make it come to life!

Finished chair, 
Dana looking at his fine work.

The back of the chair has a stripe fabric on the back.

I sure love how this turned out!

And again the finished chair.

Have a great day!


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