Sunday, March 29, 2015

Pot Rack, Clock, Light Fixture in the Kitchen

We have been working on updating the Kitchen.

I will share with you the beginning of our kitchen to the 
end result of it in the next few months.
The first post on the kitchen is the pot rack light that hangs
over the top of the island.

We purchased this light/pot rack 6-7 years ago at Lowes.
It didn't have the clock, but it did have everything else,
it was just all the same color of bronze.

We found a clock at a outlet store that I thought might work in the middle
of the lamp.  I hummed and hawwed around trying to decide
if I wanted to get it, or if it would really work.

It came looking like this if I put it on the clock,
so I thought I would have to take the clock face off and turn it around.
I asked the fellow at the store how much?  Of course it wasn't marked.
and he said $10.  I thought ok, mm maybe I can make this work.
He said, did you know the nice thing about 
this clock, as I brought it to the counter, I'm,  no,
He takes the clock, pulls the face off, it is attached with magnets,
and I realized I only have to turn it so it would work!!!!!
$10  SOLD!

Dana took the bars off from the original base
and attached those bars with screws to the top of the light.

I sprayed parts of the lamp with silver spray,
to lighten the light/pot hanger.

I sprayed the leaves silver and left the wide edge bronze.

The addition of the clock to the light fixture is so fun.
Not that I really need another clock in the kitchen, but the fixture 
needed updating to what we are doing with the kitchen.

I will add more updates on the kitchen as time goes on.



Sunday, March 15, 2015

Zebra Lampshade

Hello there,

I have been working on a few rooms in the house
that need a little updating, and as I was working on the
guestroom, I sewed new pillows from old
clothes, put them on the bed, put up new curtains, and
thought I was done.
On the end table was a clear bubbled glass lamp with an older
lampshade, it matched, I thought it looks good.

Sat back on the chair in the room, and kept on thinking,
something needs to be changed.
I changed the picture above the bed, added
 dimensional angels blowing horns and sat again and thought
it needs something else.

Then it occurred to me the lamp was still the 
shabby Victorian look and needed to be updated,
so here is what I did.

It needed lightened,
so I chose the Cream Glitter Zebra CS.
I needed 4 sheets to cover the lampshade.

I drew the edges of the shade on the paper, 2 12x12 sheets glued together.

Cut out the shapes.

Then with a glue gun, glued the Zebra CS to the lamp shade.
I did have to do some trimming with scissors to 
make it lay flat.

Here is the covered lampshade.

I then glued from the dress I used to make the cheetah pillows from,
the tie from the back of the dress.
I glued it to the bottom edge of the lamp shade.

I then added dew drops to the top and bottom edge of the lamp.
I alternated colors and shapes.

Here is the lamp sitting on the end table in the corner of the room.

These are shots of the lamp close up, with the dew drops glued on.

The lamp with all the accessories.

The room is so much more complete!
The lamp shade needed to have less of a pattern and color to it
to make the room feel good.

Just a few photos from the guest room again.

The pillows made from a dress and a skirt.

So inviting!

Have a great day!