Sunday, August 31, 2014

Out in the Uintahs Tablescapes for Alfresco Dining Part 1

Hello Readers,
I have been AOW for a while, 
and maybe in a few months I will share the whys of
this disappearance!   Nothing medical for Dana or I,
just some things going on with close family, and it has taken
us away from home 3 times since May 15.

Then we were sent to South Africa and Madagascar for 3
weeks with our Humanitarian work we do for the Welfare Department
of our church.  So this blog had to be set aside for a while.

I have also had some things going on with my father, 
his health hasn't been the greatest, and just a little
over a week ago, we decided it was time to live closer to 
him so we can be there if something really
serious happens.  

Thus my blog was put on hold.

Last week we were able to take our camp trailer up on 
to the Uintahs and camp for a few days.  
It was heavenly,
the smell of the pines, the shaking of the 
aspen leaves, and the wild life,
as it walked through the trails close to our 
camp site.

I love to eat with beautiful dishes.
We were able to get some of my grandmother's
dishes many years ago from Germany.
They are not the beautiful Dresden type dishes,
but they remind me of the Black Forrest, 
the water falls running off the rocks, and
the water following miles of creek beds through the 

I am in love with them, and they are in our camper
so that when we want to eat out in the trees,
we can pull them out, and eat a great meal on them.

Oh, how I love to come here and camp!!!
Our tradition was to camp for a week in September
at Strawberry Reservoir, but since our 
mission to Ethiopia, and our new call to work
as Technical Specialists for the Welfare Department
helping with Humanitarian relief throughout the
world, this hasn't happened.
First time in 5 years we have camped! 

Nothing brings me more pleasure.
You can see that these dishes aren't the fanciest,
but they are so perfect for the outdoor life.
I just bought these goblets from my best friend, 
they are such a perfect match to my home, 
and especially to this tablescape.

I so love this look!

It is fun that I have these awesome chairs made from
tree limbs.  I have had them for many, many years
but really they just sit in the garage and usually aren't
used.  But they are perfect for the feel of the
woods, to eat fish, or steak for any wild meat
out in the open skies of the Uintahs.

 Our friends were camping with us,
and when she saw that I was taking photos of
table scapes, she showed me her dishes and
said I could use them.

Aren't they so cute?
I also used our hot chocolate pot for this table scape.
Perfect for evening
to warm your tummy with something hot,
and possibly a bowl of chili or soup.

My last table scape for today is with these fun floral dishes.
I bought these 15-20 years ago, there were
only a few pieces left, but I really loved them.
I keep them in the trailer, we use them for goodies
or fruit on the table.

Here they are so perfect with the ochre goblets, my beautiful
Jacquard tablecloth my Taunte Inge gave me from Germany,
and brown Jacquard napkins.

I love a twig here and there,
just for fun.

I hope that you have enjoyed our outside dining 
ideas.  There are more to come!

So from the Uintah Mountains,