Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our $27,000 Home

Today, I have decided to start a blog
that follows the things that we
have done to our home.

In 1991 we bought our home for $27,000.
It was a mess with nothing to really love in it.
I had been going to house after house after house
for months.  My agent had to look at a house
to make sure things were ok at it, as there
had been many break-ins, and by the time
I went to look at it 
everything inside was gone.
No light fixtures, no appliances, no anything,
just walls and floors.
We pulled into the driveway 
and the driveway was full of weeds to my waist.
I really didn't know it was a driveway! until later when
I came back to look at it with Dana.
Oh, Dana is my better half, I'm Robin.
We walked through the home, it wasn't locked, and talked
about it's potential.  Then left, and I kept looking
at more homes.  

This same ugly worn out brown house kept coming into my
head.  It had been on the market for years, it was now
owned by the bank, and there had been many, many offers
on it but they never came to be.

I then went to the house and drew the floor plan on a
scratch piece of paper, looked at what could be
and started to work on a new improved floor plan.

Well, we bought the home.
We weren't sure if we were going to live in it or fix it up
and sell it.  At the time, we were renting a 4,000 sq ft
home at a killer deal, since rent was cheap, cheap, cheap
at the time, and so we didn't have to be quick.

We had a family council, and asked the kids what 
they wanted to do, fix up the house and move into it,
fix up the house and sell it then find a nicer house,
or what?

The consensus was, fix up this one,
and move into it.

Well, what a time we had,
and all the things we learned!

I will start sharing with you these fun, frustrating, and intense 
things we found after we bought our home, and 
as we started tearing out and rebuilding the each room 
into our home as we know it today.

Here it is, the house we bought,
the back side of the house.
I think we were working on the back deck 
in this photo.

Here is Dana, Josh, and Naomi.
The house was sun burnt on this side of the home,
but here is what we looked like when 
we bought our home.
Brown, simple, and in need of love.

For today,



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