Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Pantry Door

In our kitchen,
years ago we had new cupboard doors
specially made by a special friend of ours. 
We left them natural, and we haven't done anything
with the kitchen for years.

Designs and styles have been changing over the years, 
 and I am contemplating making some changes in the kitchen.

I finally decided to step off the cliff,
and make a change.
We had truck problems, after our truck was fixed
and ended up staying home for 4 days we had 
planned on being gone helping others.

So during this 4 days I took advantage of the time home
and work on the pantry door.  I have pinned lots of pictures
of different ideas, mostly I wanted the pantry door to stand out
from the cupboards in the kitchen. 
Dana thinks it is a sin to paint nice wood.
Sometime it is, so I have hesitated on doing anything
because I wanted it to be painted.

I went through my pins on pintrest, and I found something
very interesting about myself.  
I love white, cream, natural wood, and diamonds.
I also love ochre yellows and black.
So how do you put all of that together?

Well, here is what I ended up doing.

Here is the original door

I painted inside the panels white.

I wanted a contrast of white and cream,
the rest of the door is painted cream.
I painted the insides of the panels cream as well.

I then made a pattern for the inside panels of diamonds
the pattern is the white paper taped to the bottom of the
edge of the door.  I measured and marked where my lines should
go, and drew them with a ruler.
I then taped the diamonds, I had to use an exacto
knife to get the excess tape off so all the diamonds to be
painted would show.  It was a little more work than I had
anticipated, but loved the results.

I then distressed the inside of the taped diamonds with Ralph Lauren 
sienna colored glaze.  After I pulled off all the tape, here is my result.  I decided to paint
the molding around the door the same color as my window moldings.
I also distressed the newly painted door.

I used sand paper and a very stiff bristled brush
At this point, I decided the door looked pretty bright in my
natural kitchen, so I decided to antique the entire door.

Again I used the Ralph Lauren glaze.  With a cloth
I wiped the glaze all over the door, following the grain of the wood.

Here is the finished door.  
I am in love with it.  I took a little more time than I had
anticipated, but the result made me very happy.

Distressed, antiqued, and painted.  
I will share more pictures later, as I start decorating 
for the seasons.  My seasonal wreaths will hang
here for sure.

I have more changes to go to finish the kitchen the way I want it.
This is the first of many projects.  

Until next time.


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