Sunday, February 22, 2015

Update in the Guest Room

Hello today!

I need to share just a little update on the Guest Room.

I posted it sometime back with photos,
but wasn't really feeling like the room was finished,
and so I have sat in the chair in the corner
of the room trying to decide what this room really needed.

It finally came to me that I need to let go of the busy-ness of the room.

The lamp on the end table was one,
it just needed to have the pattern go away, and 
have a more updated look.

I had purchased some clothes,
a dress and a skirt that I wanted to use the fabric from
to recover the pillows on the bed.

Here are is the new updated room.

This room for years was just the storage room.  
I dumped everything I didn't know what to do with in here.
It did have a sofa couch and a chair, but 
seriously it was never used.

Our son in law found a fun door
with glass and pantry on it in a dumpster, and we 
brought it home, and decided that the only door it fit on in the
dinning room was the one to the guest room.
So in it went, a door with glass,
this motivated me to give the room a purpose!

I often thought a butlers pantry would be great,
but the kids all complain that there wasn't any place to sleep
when they came, and we booted them out to the
camp trailer.  For tall people that really didn't work
so the guest room became real.

Here it is with a new picture above the bed,
antique windows, my mother's real looking peonies in a vase,
and the new pillows I just sewed.

It does seem more cozy in here now.

I do love the addition of the pillows to the bed.
They were here, just covered in different fabric.
The Cheetah fabric pillows were a dress,
and I just cut down the front of the dress leaving the
buttons on the pillows as an accent to the pillow.
And it is easy to take off and wash.

The plaid pillow was a skirt.
And the bow on the 4th pillow is again from the cheetah dress.
I also was given some old jewelry, and
I added this gold broach to the pillow on top of the 
cheetah tie as part of the pillow.

The room now feels so much more complete, and 
inviting.  So glad I finally did this.

Have a fun day.

Please comment and let me know what you think.

I wonder am I sending this out to anyone?
Is anyone reading this?



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