Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Valentines Day

Just another fun post about our life here,
and how I decorate at every holiday in our home.

 In our kitchen there is a small dresser, credenza where I keep small
doo dads for decorating the kitchen and some dishes.
The top of the dresser is black marble, and it just makes the
dresser.  I always decorate it with something different,
for Valentines I hung a beautifully framed rose that came from
Germany.  My mother gave the print to me years ago.
We framed it and it has been one of my favorites ever,
but since I redecorated in different colors, it has been put away
and I pulled it out for this Valentines display.

The table is always set for the holiday.
This month is pink, red, and white.
I have been on a silver hunt, and here is a new 
old piece that the Love blocks are sitting on.

I have red plates and large pink bowls.
I wanted these bowls from the first day I saw them,
and bought clusters of them years ago
just a few bowls at a time, and now I have a complete set.

This isn't that great of a photo but you can see 
how the table looks with everything set.

Up close and personal.

 I used heart place mats, white chargers, red plates,
pink bowls, and silver goblets for the dessert.
2 goblets in red and pink.
I have had the tablecloth for ever, and I should have ironed it!
It is damask, and damask pink napkins.
It just turned out so very fun!

We had our Valentines dinner early,
Dana went to Colorado Springs for a few weeks.

Happy Valentines Day to you!


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