Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Utah Autumn 2014

Hello, this beautiful autumn morning.

Did I ever tell you that fall is my favorite!
Favorite season.

Sweaters, falling leaves, amber, orange, and red colors abound,
and I soak everything in about fall.
I don't think that I could ever tire of it, but of course
fall doesn't stay forever, winter is right behind it. 
But for a few months, Autumn is the star.

We went for a ride over the Wasatch Mountain range with my
father to enjoy the beautiful season.
Dana stopped along the way so I could take pictures,
and in some places, I just shot from the window 
in the moving car, back seated no less!

Here are the results,
Such a beautiful Utah Autumn day.

Autumn in Utah is the BEST!
I can hardly take it all in without holding my breath.
It is so fun to share with you such beauty!

We served a mission for the LDS Church,
5 years ago we left at the end of December for
Ethiopia for 2 years.  Little did I know that Africa doesn't
have a change of seasons, with beautiful colors.
They have rainy season and summer.

All of this was greatly missed.
I would put autumn photos on my computer screen
so I could have this season close.

And now that we are back in Utah,
I don't miss the season or take it for granted.
I know when the colors are perfect, 
it is time to get in the car and go for that
beautiful autumn drive!

On the drive over the mountain is a wonderful stop
called Cascade Springs.
Which we did stop, and did a short hike on 
the paved path along the way.

Here is the stream and pond on the
paved path.

I just couldn't resist this shot of just a few leaves on the ground
If it was in my house, I would hate it, but out here\
where it belongs, I love it!

Dad and I on the bridge at Cascade Springs.

For some reason this is my single most favorite shot of Dad that day.
He was in such a good mood, talking about the drives
he and mom would have over the mountain in the fall.
I think it was as though she walked with him that day.

Dana and Dad.

The amber colors still just consume me as I write about this 
a few weeks after this drive.
Ahhhh, Autumn
I love you!



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