Sunday, September 21, 2014

Out in the Uintah's Tablescapes for Alfresco Dining Part 2

Hello again!

We are still sharing tablescapes for Alfresco dining.
Our photos are taken in the Uintah Mountains
where we come to camp.

I love the outdoor air, the adventure of walking through
the woods, with the chance that you will
meet a doe and her fawns.

We did this, actually met 2 does,
but only one had fawns.
It was so amazing, and we just stood and watched them
and they watched us.  This was in the evening of the
day, they just feeding through the forest.

It takes you so by surprise to see such beauty as you
are just walking and talking off the beaten path and
there are such fabulous animals right before you.

Here are our fun alfresco dining tablescapes.

These dishes are just melamine,
I have 2 sizes, and I have to admit
we usually use the dessert plates more than
the dinner plates.

These dishes are old metal dishes.
I found them years ago in a junk store.
I fell in love with them, bought them and then thought
what am I going to do with these!

Over the years, 
they have been perfect for the outside.

I so love these t towels.
They have the perfect colors for the outside,
even if it is in the middle of the summer.
Some how I love the color ochre,
(go figure, it is the color of my house!)

But here it has such a fun look in the mountains.

Here is the entire set of metal pots that I purchased.
I don't even remember how much I paid for them,
but I was in love.  In love with the creamy
beige and green.

It reminds me of the cowboy out in the 
field on a round-up.
He has a cook that cooks for his men out over the fire.

Not only do they eat off metal plate and drink from
metal cups hot drinks to warm the tummy to the toes.

I also have this casserole dish, that can double as a dish to
eat from.  Bake dinner in the dish, then
place it on the table and eat out of it!
Simple life!

The table is so inviting with plaid and lace.
What more could you want?  


It is always time for a party,
and what better place to celebrate than in the 
beauties of the mountains.

I was able to find these awesome cupcake cloches.
Bringing them outside is scary, but they did
make it home in one piece when
I was finished with the photo shoot.

Hot Chocolate and cupcakes!
I'm so in love!

Hope you enjoyed our
fun tablescapes alfresco!

Till next time,



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