Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Second House Flipped


Finally back with the living in Utah again!

We have been in Georgia again working on houses.
We went back the middle of July and just got home a week ago.
Yes, flipping houses, you guessed it.

Our second house turned out so amazing.
So here are some photos of the house.

3221 Kevin Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

For some reason I cannot find the before pictures of this house.
We literally had to gut this kitchen.  It had never been updated from
the time it was originally built.  So all the cupboards,
which were not that many, were horrible.

The stove is in the same place, but to the left of the stove was the HVAC
so we moved it to the hall closet so the kitchen could have
a larger area for cupboard.
I chose cupboards to the ceiling so that there could be
as much storage space as you could possibly get.
3221 Kevin Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

We also opened the doorway to make it an open concept house.
There originally was only a regular door opening,
and the french doors, well sort of french doors,
really just a converted sliding glass door, we replaced with
these beautiful french doors to go out on the deck.
We added granite counter tops, and glass back splash.

3221 Kevin Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

I love the look of the floors, and how they flow from
the living space to the kitchen space,
This really makes the house look bigger by doing this.
Of course new appliances, as the old weren't even in the house.
And all new lighting fixtures throughout the house.

3221 Kevin Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

The living area, was small, and the garage had been converted into a room,
but both rooms were odd.  Dana and Jeremiah brought up the floor from
the garage to match the living room, and then
took out the wall between them, making this beautiful large
living space. and next to the kitchen a wonderful laundry room space,
which simply did not exist in the house.

3221 Kevin Dr, Augusta, GA 30906

We updated the bathrooms, new vanities and sinks,
and right here where the shower is, used to be a closet.  Just the
right size to make into a shower.

Love how this all turned out!

Just waiting for a sale of this house now.

We painted this house in Sherwin Williams Azure Grey.

What do you think?


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