Wednesday, April 15, 2015

On a Silver Search

Hello today!

I have been on a search for silver!
I keep seeing these cute ideas on pintrest with pieces of silver.
I grew up with silver in our home, polishing it every 
few months or so, as it became tarnished.

When it was time to pick out things for our wedding, I told my mom,
I don't want any silver!  I never want to polish silver again!
Seriously sounds like a youngster doesn't it?

I still over the years was thankful that the silver stayed at my moms,
I gave her a few pieces of silver that were gifts to us
at our wedding, never thinking once that I would ever want them 
back.  Mom passed away a few years ago, and I have 
polished her beautiful pieces for dad a few times.

Not regretting any minute of the time.  An act of love really.

I always thought that it was way out of my price range to even 
consider ever even purchasing a few pieces for myself,
even it they are showing silver tarnished and not polished
in the magazines.

I learned a few months ago, not true!
We came across a few pieces at a second hand store,
and the first one I bought was this silver plate.

I could not have looked any worse!  Someday I will
show how it looked originally,  it was $2.50.
So I looked up on the internet how to clean it, when it 
looked so back, lots of corrosion on it.

Not bad or too hard, just lemon, vinegar, and a lot of elbow grease!

The result was this beautiful platter.

I have since been on this vigil looking for old pieces of silver for my home.
I love how it looks, polished and unpolished.
And it just depends on where it is or what I want to do with it
as to weather I polish it or not.

Here is another piece, under $15 that I found for my kitchen
to put wooden spoons and silver kitchen tools.

These pieces are not silver, they are just metal,
but I still liked them.
The heart dish is silver.
But they make a fine addition to the corner of the counters
in the kitchen.

So over the last few months I have picked up some really fun pieces.
and continue to do so.  Here are some of my 

This old box was found in our shed,  I asked my husband if there
was an old box or fruit crate around and
he came up with this,  Not use what I am going to do
to it, but maybe a decal of some sort to look
Parisian.  I keep thinking on it.

I will keep looking,
I didn't realize that in a few months I had found so much!
Our youngest daughter loves silver too,
so there are even some pieces we have purchased for her 
too.  Some really nice pieces.

Til next time!

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