Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring in my Utah Garden

Spring comes late in Utah,
especially if you live close to the mountains,
and we live next to the Uintah Mountains.

Of course, we love it here,
we get beautiful cold winters, usually with
lots of snow, and very frosty springs.

Even today as I take the pictures of the 
flower beds and yard,
it is cold, a cold front coming in today.
But the one lucky thing is all
our fruit trees have not bloomed yet.
We are hoping they don't so we 
can get apples, apricots, plums and grapes
this year.  
Last year, not a thing, it warmed up fast, bloomed, and then
froze it all.

You always need a beautiful
inviting door!
I learned how to make these wreaths in November,
and made a bunch.  I so love how this
looks on my front door!
It matches the house, I know I am so monochromatic,
but elegant for sure.

So here are my spring garden photos
for April, we will be gone most of May, doing
Humanitarian Work for Latter-Day Saint Charities,
and spending some time in Colorado
a very close family member who 
has pancreatic cancer.

2 years ago when we arrived home from our Humanitarian Mission 
to Ethiopia, these flower beds were to my waist in grass.
All that grass just happy as can be and
choking out our perennials.  I had worked very hard over the
years to get these flower beds established and happy,
but not many people love to weed like I do and so when we
returned home, they were very neglected.

This flower bed, I painted the bench last year,
the boards are still not in good shape, but for the number of 
times we sit on them, they will do.
I took 2/3rds of this flower bed and gave it back to the
grass.  I had fought the grass ever since we started this flower bed
so as I studied it from my bedroom window,
I became apparent to me it was time to weed less.

It turned out quite nice, I also added the
wine barrels last year, with a few flowers in them,
I see that they have not survived the winter with 
the same amount of flowers in the spring,
we will fix that when plants come into the green houses.

I love these Johnny Jump Ups,
they were given to me by a sweet woman 
down the road.  She has now passed, and as I
see these in the spring I always think of her,
She gave me these and my first Iris'.

More Johnny's

This is part of the front flower bed, the Yellow tulips just now
blooming.  There will be red and some pink later in the spring.
We are leaving though for most of the next month
so I needed to take pictures today. 
We will see what is in bloom next week when we are home
for a few days.  I hope for a few pink tulips, they are 
my fav's.

Red tulips planted close to my sundial.
I so love these.  They are so bright and say
a friendly hello when they pop up.

Here is our first bloom on our new nectarine tree
we planted last year.  It is close to the
front of the house, so is able to take advantage of the warmth
of the house.  Hope he lives through this cold few days.

More red tulips,  I so love them.

I painted the garden shed this week, and put in the bricks
in front of the door.
It is easier to get in and out with the
bricks there. Big change from a red shed.
Dana wasn't sure about it, White he said,
I had to laugh, it's not white, but several shades
darker. Mmmm, he didn't see it.

Inside the our greenhouse the veggies are growing.
Dana started these in big barrels,
an experiment.  Needs to be much warmer before we can
plant them outside.

Close up of the veggies.  Love the greenhouse.
Will update you later on it, but was nice to share
the kale and greens here with you.

Well a happy spring to you!

I am loving this fun, fun day.
Tulips, and Johnny Jump ups, such a happy day.



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